Groovy Text

Say something. Say it different from everybody else.

Take your messages to the next level with Groovy text!

Not your ordinary text

Kick it up a notch and put some life into your messages. The bright colors of the bubbles and the flashing text will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Want to send us a message for our collection? Send it to and we will display it in our Groovy gallery (coming soon).

Memorable occasions

Make a special occasion even more memorable. Valentine’s Day, a birthday or anniversary, put some Groovy into it and say it like you mean it. Cards are great but this is different. Send your love in Groovy style.

So many options, make it yours

Have fun customizing your messages. Choose the color of each bubble from the color wheel provided. Use the different keyboards and emoticons on your device. Guaranteed to get everyone’s attention.


We don’t have any yet, but we would love to hear from you. Give it a try!

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